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Onyx 1.10 Documentation

Onyx User Guide

The Onyx User Guide is for anyone who uses the Onyx user interface--for any purpose.  This includes the three types of Onyx user:

  • Data Collectors (who might be nurses, laboratory technologists, interviewers, and so on)
  • Participant Managers (who have permission to do some administrative tasks in addition to those of a data collector)
  • System Administrators (this guide only covers the tasks they can do in the Onyx user interface--create users, purge and export data; other tasks they do like installing and configuring Onyx are covered in other documents)

Onyx Customization & Configuration Guide

The Onyx Customization & Configuration Guide is mainly for Onyx "customizers"--programmers who need to prepare a customized version of Onyx for a particular organization. The result of doing the procedures in this guide will be a war file that can be installed on a server (as explained in the Onyx Installation Guide). 

This guide is also for system administrators who can use certain procedures in this guide fine-tune the Onyx configuration after the initial installation.

Onyx Installation & Administration Guide

The Onyx Installation & Administration Guide is for "installers"---the people who will install Onyx for the first time at a site.  Usually this will be a system administrator who sets up Onyx from scratch.

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