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Mica2 Documentation 

Mica is a web application used to create web data portals for epidemiological studies or consortia (see also Overview section). The following guide intend to provide the information and instructions necessary to install, customize, operate and use Mica2.

Mica2 is the successor of Mica which was a custom Drupal distribution. Mica2 is built on a more scalable architecture allowing to manage a much larger number of variables with even more flexibility. Drupal is still used but for the web portal front-end only: see Architecture, Servers and Clients.

Unless there is a risk of confusion, we will call Mica2 Mica in what follows.

Mica Server Documentation

 The Mica Server Documentation consists of two different manuals intended for system administrators:

Mica Web Application User Guide

The Mica Web Application User Guide details how to enter studies, networks and datasets into Mica; it is intended for users of Mica (with various permission levels).

Mica Drupal Client Documentation

The Mica Drupal Client User Guide consists of two different manuals:

Mica Python Client Documentation

The Mica Python Client User Guide also consists of two manuals, mainly intended for system administrators willing to automate tasks:

OBiBa acknowledgements

All study and/or consortium websites developed using the Mica software must exhibit the “Powered by Mica” link to the page



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